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Our expansive line of high-quality insert tooling and inserts will exceed the demands of your operation. The sheer depth and breadth of this category product line ensures you have access to the tools you need. In addition, our Service Centers across North America ensure quick and reliable attention to the needs of all our customers.

Corrugated Knife Heads

Straight Faced – Straight Bore

Straight Faced – Hydro Bore

Shear Faced – Hydro Bore

Shear Faced – Straight Bore

Corrugated Knife Stock

Carbide Inlay Corrugated Knife Steel

Corrugated Knife Steel

NAPAC Knives

PeakPac Knives and Backers

Carbide Inlay Corrugated Knife Steel

Carbide Inserts

Square Knives

Spurs & Grooving Knives

Reversible Knives with 4 Cutting Edges

Reversible Knives

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