Peak Toolworks makes great tools. We also know how to run these tools most effectively. Our team is made up of specialists who have extensive knowledge in the industries and applications we serve. Ask our team how to get the best performance out of your tooling.


From saw blades six feet in diameter to micro size carbide shank tools, we provide high performance tooling solutions. They improve your production efficiency. Also, they keep your business competitive and growing. Want to know more? Email us at

Windows & Doors

Make consistent and clean cuts flush with the framing every time with our certified window and door tooling solutions.  They use the highest quality carbide and diamond to help you through difficult cuts. Want to know more? Email us at


We always strive for quality, precision and value.  This shows every time we manufacture our moulding knives and blades. Peak Toolworks advanced tooling solutions have the flexibility needed to cut to your desired template or CAD design. Whether your business is residential or commercial, we ensure the closest knife tolerances in the industry. Want to know more? Email us at


Durable, high performing saws and blades are necessary for any new, repair, or remodeling project. We offer a wide range of tools and blades designed to meet your needs. Intricate angles and jambs can be cut quickly, easily, and accurately with absolutely no gaps. Want to know more? Email us at


Peak Toolworks advanced technology makes furniture cutting look easy. Our friendly, professional staff can recommend the type of saw and blade that would be most appropriate for your project. Each blade is cleaned, inspected, and marked for their proper use.  It can be computer or manually controlled for the most accurate cuts in the industry. Want to know more? Email us at


Customers benefit from our comprehensive cabinetry tooling solutions. From CNC router bits and panel saw blades to edge banding tools, we have all of your needs covered. In addition, we offer a full service assessment that includes current machine evaluations, issue diagnosis, employee safety training and project troubleshooting. Want to know more? Email us at


We are a customer and technology company with solutions for your metalworking applications needs. Find a variety of standard, custom and cold saw blades that are tailor made to solve your most difficult cutting challenges. Want to know more? Email us at

Tube & Pipe

Find all of your plumbing related cutting needs in one place. We offer industry leading tools and blades.  They cut through steel, chrome, copper and plastic.  They use a variety of methods to cut to length. Our experts will help you customize your thickness, squareness of ends, end conditioning requirements and much more. Want to know more? Email us at

General Machining

Every blade we manufacture reflects decades of experience and our commitment to quality. Do you need state of the art tools, repair, resharpening or general maintenance? Peak Toolworks is your one stop total tooling resource. Want to know more? Email us at


It takes the sharpest, most durable tools to make the precision cuts needed to serve the auto industry. We offer solid carbide, coated carbide and PCD solutions. These offer compatible and accurate cutting applications for automotive projects. Want to know more? Email us at


This is a highly sophisticated market and you need reliable tools.  Tools that will consistently deliver the precise cuts for composite applications. At Peak, you have a full suite of state of the art solutions at your finger tips.  We can help you keep up with the evolving needs of the industry. Want to know more? Email us at


We have the capabilities to meet all of your tooling needs. Even complex cross sections and brittle plastic or metal materials.  All can be easily cut with our high performance line of CNC extrusion machines.  This creates valuable efficiencies for your business. Want to know more? Email us at

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