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An Economic Outlook Message from the President & CEO

The first quarter of 2022 is shaping up to be a tremendous year for Peak Toolworks.  We were excited to see our March results reflect one of the best months in the company’s history and we see this momentum continuing as we head into summer. The core markets that drive our business continue to be strong despite economic headwinds in the energy markets as well as what is already being called hyper inflation across many sectors.  New housing starts are the highest they have been since June of 2006 with even the RV market continues to be robust.

Peak Toolworks remains focused on two of our core strategies:  To create a culture that attracts and retains the best talent in a “Great place to work” and Delivering a customer experience that measures “world class” in Net Promotor Score.  In our 80 year history we have experienced many ups and downs in our business that have challenged those core strategies and values.  The past two years have been exceptionally difficult for nearly all people and business as the world navigated a global pandemic.  As the pandemic subsides, we are honored and energized by the relationships we have strengthened during these hard times with our employees, suppliers, customers, and even fellow competitors.

If the Pandemic taught us anything it is the importance of coming together as a community.  We will look back at the challenges of the past two years and reflect on lessons learned and the rewards of tenacity, focus, and relationships.  For me as CEO I will remember the employees who leaned into the challenges we faced and found ways to serve customers despite complicated protocols.  Of customers who created ways for us to enter their plants and continue to pick up and drop off tools without risk of infection.  Suppliers who worked around the clock to get us materials when their own suppliers were fighting to keep the lights on. And competitors who reached out to discuss ways to work together to serve our customers and keep them going during these difficult times.

Thanks again to all of you who support Peak Toolworks in so many ways and for your perseverance these past two years.  At Peak, we understand that people do business with people and these relationships will remain the foundation and the core of our success going forward!

–Kerry Baskins, President & CEO

Media News

7/31/2022 Peak Toolworks to feature new products at SIBO 2022 Woodworking Network Canada

7/31/2022 Peak Toolworks présentera de nouveaux produits pour la transformation du bois massif au SIBO 2022 Woodworking Network Canada

7/30/2022 Peak Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Tool in IWF2022 Debut IWF Atlanta

5/1/2022 Peak Toolworks Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Cutter Tool & IWF 2022 Ad, Page 41 Woodworking Canada

4/27/2022 Peak Toolworks plant grand opening announced with Tesla $1B and Intel $3B plant openings New U.S. Manufacturing Plants April 2022

4/20/2022 Peak Toolworks Introduces Peak Endurance Diamond Finger Jointing System Surface&Panel 

4/4/2022 Peak Toolworks grows cutting tool company with 13th U.S. location Composites World Press Release

4/4/2022 Peak Toolworks Acquires Tooling Concepts, Furthering Presence in Elkhart, Greater Midwest IndustryNet Press Release

4/1/2022 Peak Toolworks opened it’s 13th location Woodworking Network Press Release

2/24/2022 Peak Toolworks acquires Tooling Concepts Woodworking Network Press Release

2/23/22 Peak Toolworks Acquisition Expands Service in the Mid-West Surface&Panel Magazine Press Release

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2/14/22 Tooling Concepts acquisition expands Peak Toolworks’ cutting tools reach in the Midwest Composites World Magazine Press Release

2/11/22 Peak Toolworks acquires Tooling Concepts Woodworking Network Press Release

2/10/22 Audax announces Peak Toolworks Acquires Tooling Concepts Press Release

1/29/22 TV’s World’s Greatest had a repeat airing of episode #314, featuring Peak Toolworks

1/22/22 TV’s World’s Greatest aired episode #314, featuring Peak Toolworks

12/29/21 Peak Toolworks will be showcased on “World’s Greatest!…” TV Show Woodworking Network Article

11/1/21  Peak Toolworks launches interactive Virtual Tradeshow Booth, accessible 24/7

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7/22/2020 4 Benefits of Using Diamond-Tipped Tools for Woodworking Applications RedBook Cutting Tools Edition Article

7/10/2020 4 Benefits of Using Diamond-Tipped Tools for Woodworking Applications Article

7/9/2020 Product innovation:  IWF Challengers Award entries for 2020 Article

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6/17/2020 Diamond Finger Joint Cutter Press Release

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6/10/2020 Peak Toolworks recognized in this year’s IWF 2020 Challengers Award Entries List 

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2/14/2019 Frontline Tooling Solutions Sells Techniks Tooling Group (TTG) Press Release

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