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08/2023 Peak Toolworks appoints Ron Bayus president Woodworking Canada July/August Page 30

6/28/2023 Peak Toolworks Announces CEO Transition Surface&Panel News

6/12/2023 Peak Toolworks to launch T-Slot Planer head Woodworking Canada May/June  Pg 51

5/25/2023 Peak Toolworks to launch T-Slot Planer head at AWFS Woodworking Canada

5/4/2023 Peak Toolworks to launch T-Slot Planer head at AWFS Woodworking Canada

4/2023 Peak Toolworks to introduce EDFJ at AWFS Woodworking Canada

3/24/2023 All About Collet Maintenance by the Sharpening Experts IndustryNet

2/23/2023  Peak Toolworks acquires Expert Die Inc. – Woodshop News

2/1/2023 Peak Toolworks acquires Expert Die Inc.  Page 5:  Woodworking January-February 2023 (

1/4/2023 Peak Toolworks Expands Its Presence with Expert Die Acquisition Surface&Panel Press Release

12/28/2022 Peak Toolworks acquires Expert Die Inc.  Woodworking Canada Press Release

12/27/2022 Peak Toolworks Acquires Expert Die, Inc. IndustryNet Press Release

12/22/2022 Peak Toolworks acquires Expert Die, Inc. Woodworking Network Press Release

7/31/2022 Peak Toolworks to feature new products at SIBO 2022 Woodworking Network Canada

7/31/2022 Peak Toolworks présentera de nouveaux produits pour la transformation du bois massif au SIBO 2022 Woodworking Network Canada

7/30/2022 Peak Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Tool in IWF2022 Debut IWF Atlanta

5/1/2022 Peak Toolworks Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Cutter Tool & IWF 2022 Ad, Page 41 Woodworking Canada

4/27/2022 Peak Toolworks plant grand opening announced with Tesla $1B and Intel $3B plant openings New U.S. Manufacturing Plants April 2022

4/20/2022 Peak Toolworks Introduces Peak Endurance Diamond Finger Jointing System Surface&Panel 

4/4/2022 Peak Toolworks grows cutting tool company with 13th U.S. location Composites World Press Release

4/4/2022 Peak Toolworks Acquires Tooling Concepts, Furthering Presence in Elkhart, Greater Midwest IndustryNet Press Release

4/1/2022 Peak Toolworks opened it’s 13th location Woodworking Network Press Release

2/24/2022 Peak Toolworks acquires Tooling Concepts Woodworking Network Press Release

2/23/2022 Peak Toolworks Acquisition Expands Service in the Mid-West Surface&Panel Magazine Press Release

2/16/2022 Peak Toolworks acquires Tooling Concepts Woodshop News Press Release

2/14/2022 Peak Toolworks Acquires Elkhart’s Tooling Concepts RV-Pro Magazine Press Release

2/14/2022 Tooling Concepts acquisition expands Peak Toolworks’ cutting tools reach in the Midwest Composites World Magazine Press Release

2/11/2022 Peak Toolworks acquires Tooling Concepts Woodworking Network Press Release

2/10/2022 Audax announces Peak Toolworks Acquires Tooling Concepts Press Release

1/29/2022 TV’s World’s Greatest had a repeat airing of episode #314, featuring Peak Toolworks

1/22/2022 TV’s World’s Greatest aired episode #314, featuring Peak Toolworks

12/29/2021 Peak Toolworks will be showcased on “World’s Greatest!…” TV Show Woodworking Network Article

11/1/2021  Peak Toolworks launches interactive Virtual Tradeshow Booth, accessible 24/7

9/2021-10/2021 WMMA American Woodworking Technology feature: Peak Toolworks’ Sharpening Service Guide, pages 53-54. Ad on page 48. Woodworking Canada Article.

9/15/2021 Sharpening Service Guide  Wood Industry (Canada)

9/15/2021 Guide du service d’affûtage Le monde du bois (Canada)

8/26/2021 Is your fingerjoint cutting knife a cut above? Wood Industry (Canada)

8/26/2021 La coupe parfaite Le monde du bois (Canada)

3/15/2021 Custom tooling company Peak Toolworks marks 80 years Woodworking Network Article

3/4/2021 Saw blades and other woodworking tooling:  Customized or standard? Woodworking Network Article

2/26/2021 Saw Blade and other Woodworking Tooling:  Customized or Standard? Surface&Panel Article

2/1/2021 Masters Issue: Techology Surface&Panel 2021 Issue

1/13/2021 RedBook January 13, 2021 Issue:  Cutting Tools includes Peak Toolworks Woodworking Network Article

1/4/2021 Peak Toolworks Celebrates 80 Years! Surface&Panel Article

7/22/2020 4 Benefits of Using Diamond-Tipped Tools for Woodworking Applications RedBook Cutting Tools Edition Article

7/10/2020 4 Benefits of Using Diamond-Tipped Tools for Woodworking Applications Article

7/9/2020 Product innovation:  IWF Challengers Award entries for 2020 Article

6/30/2020 New fingerjoint cutter: IWF exhibitor Peak Toolworks Article

6/30/2020 Diamond Tip Cutting Tools for Industrial Woodworking Applications White Paper

6/17/2020 Diamond Finger Joint Cutter Press Release

6/11/2020 Diamond Finger Joint Cutter Product Article

6/10/2020 Peak Toolworks recognized in this year’s IWF 2020 Challengers Award Entries List 

4/16/2020 Is your fingerjoint knife a cut above? FDMC Redbook Article

4/16/2020 Peak Toolworks Ad FDMC Redbook Ad

4/7/2020 Is your fingerjoint cutting knife a cut above? Woodworking Network Article

3/12/2020 Profile Sanding Tool Woodworking Network Feature Product Article 

2/14/2019 Frontline Tooling Solutions Sells Techniks Tooling Group (TTG) Press Release

2/13/2019 Frontline Tooling Solutions Completes the Sale of Techniks Tool Group (TTG) Press Release

8/1/2018 IWF Atlanta announces Challengers Award finalists Woodworking Canada Article

4/3/2018 Tooling giant Frontline creates one-stop-shop for all brands Press Release

3/29/2018 Techniks Industries Announces Rebranding of Company to Frontline Tooling Solutions, the Parent Company of Techniks Tool Group and NAPGladu Press Release

9/23/2015 Audax Private Equity Acquires Techniks Industries Press Release

9/23/2015 Audax Picks Up Techniks Industries From Tenex Press Release

9/21/2015 Tenex Capital Management Closes Sale of Techniks Industries Press Release

1/20/2013 Tenex Capital Acquires Techniks, Merges It With NAPGladu Press Release

1/16/2013 Tenex Takes Techniks, Merges with NAPGladu Press Release

1/14/2013 Tenex Capital Management Acquires and Merges Techniks Press Release

Tenex Capital Management Acquires NAPGladu Press Release

NAPGladu has been sold to Tenex Capital Management Press Release