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We serve businesses around the country. Therefore, Peak Toolworks provides trusted, reliable support.  As well as, access to well known and top cutting tool brands.

Tooling Experts

Tap into Peak Toolworks service experts vast knowledge.  Also, the resources of North America’s largest network of cutting tool services.

Tooling Solutions

Peak Toolworks innovative cutting tools are the most productive in the industry. Therefore, you get optimal performance and longer tool life.


The Peak Toolworks team delivers personalized service. Also, we can help you identify the right products and services to meet your needs.

One Stop Shop

Get direct access to the top cutting tool brands from one convenient source. Peak Toolworks is the largest and most respected cutting tool resource for any application. So, we are a full service partner.  We also provide sophisticated products and quality services. In addition, our tailored solutions are scalable. Therefore, Peak Toolworks helps businesses of all sizes with their most beneficial solution.

Extensive Inventory

When a tool or blade is needed, contact Peak Toolworks because we have the selection of carbide and diamond cutting tools for it. Therefore, all types of materials and applications tooling needs are met by the massive inventory in our distribution centers.

Customized Solutions

When a standard solution is not right for your business, we can develop a tailored one to meet your exact specifications. So, all our customers have the confidence in knowing they have the most sophisticated product available.

Meet Peak Toolworks Executive Leadership Team

Get to know the talented tooling experts that lead our company. Their passion for innovation and dedication to customer service are shaping the future of the tooling industry.

I value leading by example, treating others with respect, being fair and honest. I strongly believe in a diverse team, supporting creativity and candidness and inspiring others to achieve their goals. I strive to keep a positive attitude, operating with a passion  for results and recognizing individuals and teams.
Everything I do centers around building a culture of engagement and empowerment. Empowered teams make good decisions for the company and advocate well for customer interests.  Engaged teams are more productive, collaborative and achieve their professional goals more quickly. Integrity and hard work are a must.
I specialize in process improvement and regulatory compliance assessments and sustainability, with extensive business transformation experience.  I

also have experience in financial application selection, implementation, adoption, sustainability and compliance.

I enjoy family time, woodworking, wakeboarding and flying radio-controlled aircraft.

My leadership is about understanding internal and external operations of my business.  Developing, coaching and encouraging employees growth in life-long learning for themselves and business objectives. Communication that boosts morale but has the courage to drive accountability and performance.
I believe in integrity, honesty and transparency as a leader, a team and a company. I am committed to doing the best job I can, I expect others to do the same. I value respect of others and communication. We can have fun while we work, provided we are accomplishing our goals. My goal is to have a team where we enjoy working together.

Acquired Brands

Awards and Advancements

We invest in advanced technology and training. Therefore, Peak Toolworks manufacturing centers are equipped to produce a vast inventory of products and custom tools.

Award Winning
Tailored Tool Design

Our tooling experts will work with you and develop tools designed for your unique application requirements.

  • Winner Of 2 IWF Challengers Awards
  • Over 30 Tool Design Patents
  • AutoCAD/Surfcam Software

Advanced CNC

Peak Toolworks is equipped with the most advanced CNC machines available. Also, our highly skilled machinists ensure our tools are the best.

  • AutoCAD/Surfcam Software CNC Diamond Equipment
  • Automated 4 and 5 Axis CNC Turning and Machining
  • Machine Verification Software

Quality Assurance Process

Each tool we produce passes a rigorous quality assurance process. Therefore, surpassing the highest quality standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturing (IN and WI)
  • Precision Balancing Equipment
  • State of the Art Measuring and Verification Technology

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