Terms & Conditions

Terms of sale

Unless Peak Toolworks has a special written agreement with the customer, these rules will apply.

  1. The approved fax drawing by the customer will be considered the final contract for fabricated or modified tooling.
  2. For all orders over $250.00 in value, a written confirmation or approval signature is required to process the order.
  3. All orders are subject for approval by our credit department.
  4. Prices are valid for a period of 30 days.
  5. Transport is not included in our pricing, unless otherwise agreed upon by the customer and Peak Toolworks
  6. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  7. a) Deliveries made by Peak Toolworks route drivers are free for any order over $25. If you request our delivery for any order under this amount a $5 fee will be automatically added to your invoice.
    b) Peak Toolworks is not responsible for damage caused in the transportation of the tooling by an outside carrier.
  8. Payment terms are net 30, unless C.O.D.
  9. On manufactured tooling, all C.O.D. shipments require a 50% payment before the tool goes into production and the balance upon delivery. Regular C.O.D. procedure will be applied on all other tooling orders.
  10. Delivery dates are agreed upon between Peak Toolworks and the customer and are based upon the actual shop load at the Peak Toolworks factory at the time of order.
  11. Test tooling:• All test tooling remains the property of Peak Toolworks until the tool is invoiced and paid for by the customer.
    • Upon reception of the tool, the duration of the test must not exceed 30 days, unless otherwise agreed upon by the customer and Peak Toolworks
    • If the test exceeds 30 days, a charge of 25% of the value of the tool on test will be charged to the customer.
    • If the test exceeds 90 days, a charge of 100% of the value of the tool on test will be charged to the customer.
  12. All drawings, reference documents and or specification information, remain the property of Peak Toolworks and cannot be reproduced without written authorisation from Peak Toolworks
  13. Peak Toolworks reserves the right to over or under ship by 10% on custom orders over 10 pieces and 1 piece on custom orders of 10 pieces or less.

Warranty and claims

All returned parts will be subject to an evaluation by Peak Toolworks


  1. All tools manufactured by Peak Toolworks are guaranteed against material and fabrication defects. Peak Toolworks guarantee limits itself to the correction or replacement of the part, depending on the type of claim. Replacement parts will be of equivalent type and value to the defective part.
  2. All claims are subject to approval by Customer Claims Department.
    • When deemed necessary, Peak Toolworks reserves the right to mandate a technician evaluates the method of use and the condition of the machine on which a tool was used.
  3. “Single Use” Diamond tipped tools have a limited warranty. Brazed tips are not guaranteed after their first sharpening.


  1. The quantity of the credited tools will be equal to the quantity of the tools returned.
  2. No credit is allowed for the transport of returned tools.
  3. The original package or equivalent is required. Peak Toolworks reserved the right to bill customer’s account for any expense incurred to secure the package.

Products condition:

  1. No claim or returns are possible on product that have been used or damaged.
  2. No claim is possible on altered product.
  3. While the tools are being returned to Peak Toolworks , the customer is responsible for their proper handling and storage.

Time limit on claims:

  1. A claim on custom manufactured tools is limited to 90 days.
  2. A claim on standard tools or service is limited to 30 days.
  3. Claims related to the shipping of tools must be made within the rules set by the given transport company.
  4. Claims related to Peak Toolworks own delivery service must be made within 30 days. All claims exceeding the above-mentioned delays will not be considered.